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Pari Marnekar

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Parinitha Marnekar
M.S. Digital Arts, ’18

Before coming to the United States to pursue her master’s in urban design at SUNY Buffalo, Parinitha worked as an architectural designer in India. Her love for design and research led her to work for renowned companies in New York City like Compass and WeWork. While working with experienced professionals in product design and marketing, she found her interest in user experience (UX) design and research.

Before coming to ITU to pursue her master’s in digital arts, Parinitha honed her design skills and worked as a freelance UX designer for various Silicon Valley startups. She came to understand the importance of having a core knowledge of design principles, and knew exactly what she wanted to focus her study on and the skills needed for today’s digital landscape.


It is important that you ask questions during your internship. People are not going to be annoyed because they expect that from you and it shows to the employer that you are engaged and you want to learn more.