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Elis Feci
M.S. Engineering Management, ’18

Having earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University at Buffalo, Elis Feci is now a candidate for his master’s of Engineering Management at ITU. He has three years experience as a quality engineer, and has worked for companies like VillageTech Solutions, Lam Research, and Onanon Inc. He currently works for Lumentum.

Elis has experience working with cross-functional teams, managing multiple projects and people, and problem solving. ITU has helped him become more influential and recognize his management style. He currently runs teams remotely with his newfound skills from the Engineering Management program.

All that I have learned here about management I’ve been able to apply it, real time. This is what I find valuable. I want to learn something not just learn it and to forget it and not want to apply it again. Not just something theoretical, I want to learn something I can take and I can use it