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ITU MBA students at Quanta Laboratories

Quanta Laboratories Visit on October 7, 2019


MBA students from ITU have visited Quanta Laboratories as a part of their course work. Quanta Laboratories, based in San Jose, is the largest environmental test lab in the Bay Area that provides services in testing products for Vibrations, Shocks, Temperature, HALT, Acoustic, UV, etc. Quanta has been in business for over 30 years.

Quanta Laboratories Founder Dr. Hong-sun Liu gave a presentation and tour for the students. Additionally, Dr. Liu shared his experience in business areas such as what are the considerations to be evaluated when starting a business, the importance of by-laws of a company, vendor management, having good partners, leadership, etc. Students have gained practical perspective and views from the staff at Quanta in terms of business operations, process control, and customer satisfaction.