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Letter From the President

October 23, 2019

Dear ITU Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Community,

As of Tuesday, October 15, 2019, I have been reinstated to ITU’s Board, and appointed President and CEO of ITU by the Board of Trustees. On Sunday, October 20th, I immediately called a “Town Hall” student meeting to speak directly to the entire ITU community.

In this meeting, I described my family’s vision, introduced myself and key members of our executive and operations team as well as introducing (3 of 5) members of the newly reconstituted Board. The team took questions from the community and stayed until every last concern was addressed.

Yau-Gene Chan


My late Father Dr. Shu Park Chan established ITU to be a global education model, tightly aligned with the Silicon Valley’s hi-tech entrepreneurial industry, serving its skilled labor needs. ITU’s mission is to extend that training throughout the globe, in key areas of industrial growth, to meet developing economies’ expansion with competently trained workers. My pledge to our students, faculty, staff and board is to continue ITU’s industry focus and to continually improve the institutional assessment protocols we have established at ITU.

Let me assure the ITU Community that I will support ITU financially as I have done in the past, with my own savings if need be, so that there will be no disruption to our degree programs moving forward. I will personally ensure that the university is sustainable and will continue to innovate as originally conceived.

During this transition, WSCUC has issued ITU a Cause Action Letter, as a result of the many changes that ITU has experienced in this past year.

The board, executive, operations and key faculty are in direct communication with WSCUC and will meet with them within the next two weeks.

Departmental Staffing
ITU’s main purpose is to deliver top notch industry relevant training to our students. This core function will continue, improve and expand.

Feedback from students’ this past Sunday, included comments of mistreatment from our staff, slow response times, incomprehensible red tape.

Moving forward, the entire staff and management is committed to have a “Student Service” centered mentality. As Dr. Cory often stated in the past, ITU’s goal is to become the “Best Loved University in the Silicon Valley!”

Toward that end and to ensure the current staff at ITU is completely adequate in covering all key student-facing departments. We have consolidated head count to have staff in the following positions:

Front Desk – 3 people
Admissions – 4 people
ISO – 3 people
Registrar – 2 people
Student Advising and Internships – 1 person
Alumni Connection – 1 person
Library Services – 1 person

Finance – 2 people (1 to join in another month)
HR (Contract) – 1 part-time person for now (seeking to outsource)
IT – 4 people
Media – 1 person
Marketing – 3 people
Facilities/Maintenance – 1 person plus new contracted service

Academic Departments
Department Chairs:
Computer Science/Software Engineering - 1
Electrical and Computer Engineering - 1
Business Administration & Engineering Management - 1
Digital Arts – 1
Interdisciplinary Sciences – 1

Core Faculty – 2 per department Adjunct Faculty - faculty for current courses will continue. The courses and faculty for the Spring 2020 offerings are being scheduled

Special Services
Project Management – 1 person
Director of Online Service & ALO – 1 person
Compliance Director – 1 person - this is a new position for ITU

My previous record at ITU resulted in positive cash flows. In fact, I am the only President/CEO that has ever run ITU with consistent year end positive cash balances. With our newly formed Board, proven executive management team -- all reflecting the vision of our Founder Shu-Park Chan -- ITU will return to financial stability, educational excellence and growth.

The following link accesses the WSCUC letter sent to ITU describing their concerns for ITU’s stakeholders:

ITU has already posted the above linked letter on the ITU website, and shortly, please look for a well-documented ITU response*.

My last comment for the ITU Community is that ITU is my Family’s Legacy, I am fully committed to reaching the goals of the institution.

Thank you,

Yau-Gene Chan
President and CEO


* ITU Response to WSCUC Order of Show Cause