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ITU MBA students at Lam Research Corporation

Lam Research Corporation Field Trip on June 18, 2019


MBA students from International Technological University (ITU) have attended a field trip at Lam Research Corporation. The tour primarily focused on how Lam is able to manage the complex Supply Chain Management. With over 1700 suppliers and thousands of parts, Lam has been very successful in managing their receiving process, quality assurance, storage, inventory management, consignments, and inter-company transfers to their assembly facilities. Being the students of MBA, the participating students were able to gain insights into the practical leadership, operations management, business management, and supply chain management areas. Lam Research Corporation is one of the largest corporations that engages in the design, manufacture, marketing, and service of semiconductor processing equipment.

MBA Program at ITU has newly started this Field trip initiation with a goal to provide real-world visual experience to the students. This will help the students to understand and correlate the business operational aspects part the course work. During the tour, students have interacted with the Lam personnel to understand the details of different aspects of the operations. With this tour, students were able to gain key insights into the Supply Chain Management and associated technologies and process. Yifan Wu, one of the students who had participated in the tour, stated that "I was very impressed by the LAM research visit. I have a Bachelor Degree in Logistics, so when I saw that huge warehouse, I was amazed by its warehouse management system and also how every employee cooperate with each other running this whole complicated system. Really looking forward to learn more about SAP or other ERP system in my next term." Another student, Yang Liu, who was also part of the tour described that "The visit to LAM research company brought me thoughts about the management. I learned about how the supply chain works in the practical world. It was a great experience to me."

ITU Business Department was very pleased to hear the positive feedback from the students about this field trip. ITU is very thankful to Lam Research Corporation and Greg Novacek (Director, Supplier Quality, Assessment and Development Operations) for providing the tour.