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Announcement - Leadership Change


ITU Board and Executive Management
Return to the Original Team
October 15, 2019

Dear ITU Community and WASC:

After five years in which ITU had a net loss of over $20 million to ITU’s Treasury, the Board of Trustees is now reinstating the original board and executive team.

Towards that end, Dr. Chi Hsieh will once again take the mantle of Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Ivan Chan will be the Chair of the Finance Committee.

John Wayne DuBois and Dr. Poland Hung join ITU as new trustees members, starting September 27, 2019. Vice-Chair and Secretary John DuBois is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and broadcast media corporate executive. John brings three decades of experience and Silicon Valley contacts to ITU. Dr. Hung is no stranger to ITU or the educational field, as she worked over three decades for the California State University system, has a Doctorate of Education and was instrumental in helping Founder Dr. Shu-Park Chan in the early 1990’s, to establish ITU as a formal institution.

Yau-Gene Chan is reinstated to ITU’s board and as of Tuesday, October 15, 2019, is appointed President and CEO of ITU by the Board of Trustees. Yau has been the only executive officer in history to run ITU with year end positive cash flows. With the original board and executive management team in place, plus the two new dynamic trustees -- all reflecting the vision of our Founder Shu-Park Chan -- ITU will return to financial stability, educational excellence and growth.

ITU Board
Chair, Dr. Chi Hsieh
Vice Chair and Secretary, John Wayne Dubois
Treasurer, Ivan Chan
Dr. Poland Hung
Yale Lam
Yau-Gene Chan

President and CEO
Yau-Gene Chan

Finance Committee
Ivan Chan (c)
John Dubois

Executive Committee
John Dubois (c)
Yau-Gene Chan

Academic and Student Affairs Committee
Poland Hung (c)
Yau-Gene Chan

Planning and Governance Committee
Yale Lam (c)
Poland Hung

Audit Committee
Yale Lam (c)
Ivan Chan