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Announcement - Coronavirus: Classes Moving Online


All Classes are Moving Online
March 11, 2020

Dear ITU community (students, faculty, and staff),

With ensuing action by various university campuses and high concern about the Novel Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19), ITU has reassessed the risk to our community. The SEVP just provided recent guidance to ITU on Monday, March 9th.

ITU will be moving all classes effective March 11, 2020, online - through the end of the Spring term on April 19, 2020. We will also re-evaluate this policy at the beginning of the Summer term, 2020.

Faculty will conduct their regular classes via video conferencing tools. Details about ITU video conferencing credentials will be provided to faculty and students.

Please note, ITU's attendance policy will still be enforced in compliance with SEVP regulations, even though classes are moving online. Students will need to comply with the hourly attendance guidelines for classes; attendance will be recorded for every virtual course.

Also, consultations will be moving to video conferencing for student-facing departments at ITU such as Admissions, ISO and Academic Advising, to avoid human-to-human contact.

It is also suggested for any staff that feels unwell, or who experience cold-like symptoms, to stay away from the workplace and work from home. Please contact your supervisor to make arrangements.

As previously indicated, any student who is ill should contact their medical provider for a video appointment to determine the severity of the illness. If the physician believes the student is too ill to attend class, he/she will need to write a medical note to that effect. The note should be emailed to the Registrar, Proper documentation from a medical provider is required for the Registrar to consider medical-related excused absences.

ITU has issued travel restrictions for all university faculty, staff, and students. If you need to travel, please contact the International Student Office (ISO). ITU will continue to monitor the spread of this novel coronavirus and will send updates periodically. For further information, please refer to the CDC website:


ITU Leadership