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As A Graduate From ITU You Receive More Than Just A Degree - You Become Part Of Our Alumni Family.

Check out the new alumni services listed below to learn more about each of these exciting opportunities. Join the Alumni Association today and take full advantage of these and other exclusive services.

ITU Alumni Services

  • Career Services: ITU alumni receive full access to ITU career services programs including: One-on-one advising, free workshops/webinars, online career resources, and access to premium career fairs and networking events.

  • Student Success Center: Enjoy access our student success center and take advantage of a suite of programs and services designed to help refine your communication, leadership, and career skills.

  • Alumni Mixers & Reception Events: As a registered alumni, you will be invited to our annual alumni reception. Enjoy a catered meal, entertainment, and network with your fellow alums at this exclusive event. Sign up for Alumni Association today to visit our community page to get updates on upcoming events and university updates.

  • ITU Alumni Email: Enjoy a permanent and professional email address with your ".Alumni" email account. Perfect for keeping in touch with campus activities, job searching, or just as a backup email. This professional  ".edu" address is a valuable resource provided to all alumni free of charge.

  • Career Source: Stay up to date with the latest in ITU employment partner news and opportunities with this monthly email resource. Sign Up For Free to learn about new and current job openings, to get updates on campus or local career events, and to get valuable tips and resources to help you advance your career.

  • Alumni Communities: Connect with ITU or fellow alumni and leverage the power of social networking on Linkedin, facebook, and more. Visit our Community Page to learn more.

  • Alumni Grant Opportunities: ITU’s upcoming alumni innovation grant program can help you make your idea into a reality. This grant will aim to help students and alumni advance their careers by removing financial barriers to projects and research. These will be annual competitive grants that can be used for capstone projects or independent efforts. These funds will be used for paying for project costs, patent or license fees, materials expenses, or other expenses directly related to student research or project efforts. More information and application details coming soon.

  • Library Services: Receive access to ITU’s research library, web resources, and more with your alumni membership. Visit the ITU Library Website online or email for more information.

  • Tuition Discounts: Receive 25% off tuition discounts on future classes at ITU. Visit our Discount Page for addition details.

  • Events Discounts: Get alumni-exclusive deals and discounts on campus events including: lectures and special presentations, shows and screenings, specialized networking events, and more.

  • Professional Networking: As a registered Alumni, you are welcome to attend most of ITU professional networking and association meetings. Don’t miss out on these rare opportunities to mingle with industry leading professionals in your field!

  • Access to Campus Clubs and Services: Join us for toastmasters, professional conferences, or other ITU community events

  • Leadership Opportunities: Build your resume and make an impact for ITU’s future students by serving on the Alumni Association Board. Contact us for more details on how to get involved today.

  • Ways to give back: For those looking to support your Alma Mater and ITU’s Future students? we are proud to offer a diversity of options for alumni to donate, volunteer, or get involved in support of ITU. Contact Us for more details and information.

Have questions or need more information? Please email us at